22 July 2016


Once upon a time, there was a young bookshop. As a baby, the bookshop sat up, smiled, gurgled and had babbling conversations. Soon it began to crawl and explore the world around. In a while, the bookshop was a toddler, growing confident on its feet with every step it took. And before you knew it, it had turned three. What happened next? Well, exactly what happens to young children – the bookshop started preschool!

In its third year, Funky Rainbow is all set to go to school, with books, stationery, snack box and no uniform :-) The fourth party of our third birthday happens tomorrow at one of Bangalore’s loveliest schools, The Samhita Academy, and this time we are there to meet the parents of the preschoolers and kindergartners with our bright and beautiful books.

What do we hope for? To leave all our books behind and bring back no homework!