13 June 2018


Children’s writer Kavitha Mandana added colour to Funky Rainbow by dropping in today and spending time browsing through our curated collection of children’s books. The author of two recent STEM picture books, ‘Maths at the Mela’ and ‘Who Made the Tomato Chutney?’ (both published by Pratham Books) and an older excellent picture book that breaks gender stereotypes and champions the girl child called ‘A Pair of Twins’ (published by Karadi Tales), Mandana writes with a lightness of touch when she deals with much-needed contemporary issues like gender, colour and social norms.

Other feathers in her cap include the delightful historical novel on Tenali Raman (‘Tales of Wit and Wisdom: Tenali Raman’, published by Penguin India), a biography of the Mughal emperor Akbar (‘Puffin Lives: Akbar: The Mighty Emperor’, published by Penguin India) and an engaging novel for middle and older readers (‘Trapped’, published by Penguin India), which irresistibly mixes high school shenanigans, music and the supernatural!

One of Funky Rainbow’s favourites from Mandana’s pen is her YA novel, ‘No. 9 on the Shade Card’ (published by Red Turtle), which tells the story of an unnamed sport-loving young girl who unfortunately notches up a dreaded No.9 on the fairness card when her Ajji would much rather that she be an enviable No.3.

Mandana’s repertoire of books for children across age-groups definitely makes her a writer for every reason and season!

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