9 October 2015


Kutak-katak… zoing-zoing… bzzzt-bzzzt… zzzk-zzzk… Salim goes from village to village sharpening knives. But who needs knives sharpened every day? Some days he hardly makes enough money for a good meal. Now, with Eid coming, he decides to try his luck on the other side of the jungle. Does he get enough work? Does he get a good meal? Cheerful pictures liven this humorous tale that ends with a delightfully ‘sharp’ twist!

Remember the time when the knife-sharpener was a regular in the neighbourhood? What fun it was to watch him announce his presence – folks would call out to him and then haggle about rates; children would follow him everywhere and watch a little too closely as he went about sharpening knives skilfully on his contraption. The sounds the machine made, the sparks that flew out of it — we could only watch in amazement and wonder!

Knife-sharpeners are a rare sight these days… and the profession is considered a “declining” one. That’s why Tulika’s new book, Salim The Knife-sharpener, is just what we need to preserve our memories of the friendly neighbourhood knife-sharpener a little longer and to invite children to create their own!

Since Ant-E and Buzz-E are always about the neighbourhood, we are not surprised that this wonderful picture book, written by R. Amarendran and illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan, caught their ey-E :-)

Recommended for 4+ year-olds, but do book your personal copy today – nevermind if you are a lot older!

Recommended for 4+ year-olds • A humourous tale that ends with a delightfully “sharp” twist • Written by R. Amarendran and Illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan • Price: Rs. 150 • Publisher: Tulika Publishers