5 July 2016


The first of our birthday parties (you know we plan to have many this month, right?) got off to a splendid start at the Woodrose Club, Brigade Millennium, on 2nd July. We were sure that our author-storyteller star of the day, Arthi Anand, would have the audience enthralled. What we were not so sure of was how many people would be there in the audience! So when a few children and their parents trickled in, Team Funky Rainbow heaved a sigh of relief. What we didn’t expect was for that trickle to turn into a deluge in the half hour that followed… There were children here, there and everywhere, sitting down, standing up, running around, rolling on the carpet, but yes, listening to Arthi, responding to her, singing with her and getting happy with her!

Arthi narrated the stories of Ranganna (Tulika), Gajapati Kulapati (Tulika) and The Missing Bat (Pratham Books) and delighted listeners young and old. Children’s books of all shapes, sizes and prices flew off our trademark yellow tubs, with Arthi patiently autographing her books for her fans. Could any bookshop ask for a better birthday gift?