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Nothing can come between Oli and Champa’s friendship. Not even the fact that the latter is the daughter of Oli’s domestic help. Confidants, study mates and most importantly, star footballers on a mixed football team—the girls are inseparable. Until now.

On the threshold of adolescence, the boys decide the girls can’t play on the team any more. The girls, however, are fiesty and passionate about the game and are determined to play. Oli finds a coach. And Champa? For the first time, Champa has a secret that she doesn’t share with her bestie. A secret that will lead her on a journey fraught with dangers and no certainity of success. A secret that has Oli wondering where is Champa? Who was the sinister man following her? Has she been killed or kidnapped?

A beautiful story of friendship that will shake notions of what’s suitable for girls and what’s appropriate for boys; what’s beautiful and what’s ugly; and why differences in class cannot come between soul-mates.

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