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There’s never a dull day at our children’s bookstore.

The phone rings. “I’m heading to Madhya Pradesh for the holidays,” an excited parent pipes up. “Any storybooks my children and I should read before we go?”

A mail pops into our inbox. “It’s World Environment Day and this month at school, we are focussing on green initiatives. Please send us some theme-related books for the library immediately!” writes a librarian.

The doorbell rings. “My students are learning Indian history. Are there any good books of fiction and non-fiction on Indian history? And while you’re at it, could you ensure there are cartoons in some of them too?” asks an enthusiastic teacher.

So what we do most of the time, despite the buzzing bell, the beeps and blips of messages and mails and the trilling phone, is to rack our brains and our hearts and our bookshelves to find the right books for every requirement just so that readers experience the magic of reading, dreaming and imagining.

When Padme, an organisation working to popularise adoption and open up conversations about it, got in touch and said they want a collection of books on adoption, we had to, quite literally, hit the books! Our aim: to find the best books that reflect the experiences of adoption, the worries and fears that adopted children and their parents face and how love and not DNA conquers all.

It has been our pleasure and privilege to curate this collection of books, which we realise is not just about adoption but goes on to embrace universal themes like empathy, acceptance, love, family bonding and hope.

While Funky Rainbow primarily specialises in curating Indian children’s books, we do, on occasion and request, include western books and books for adults just so that the reading experience is complete in every way.

Browse through our Padme collection and adopt a book today!

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