Funky Rainbow


This was Bookalore’s theme for the event at the Butterfly Talent Academy. The programme got off to a smooth start as things usually do for us at this venue. We were partnering with BTA for the third time, and their team was as efficient, organised and welcoming as they have always been. That said, we were a collective bundle of nerves before the event, wondering how many children would turn up! Forty-four children registered, and soon the jitters were replaced by silent whoops of delight!
We had the bookshop set up fairly efficiently this time – in our trademark bright-yellow tubs. Bookaloreans Aditi De and Vijaylakshmi Nagaraj were at their capable and smiling best, effortlessly handling registrations, taking care of the event proceedings, making regular announcements about the curated collection of books at the travelling bookshop and generally spreading the Bookalore spirit of bonhomie and cheer all around.

Storyteller Shreya Biswas started with a song, before she got down to narrating the engrossing story from the book, Grandfather Gandhi. The children were riveted as she told the story of Gandhi’s grandson, Arun, and Bapu’s love for him as a grandfather. Did they enjoy the story? Well, the copies of Grandfather Gandhi we had were wiped out in a jiffy. And, at Funky Rainbow, we believe that when copies of the book of the day sell out, it’s sureshot proof that the author/storyteller connected really well with the audience. So, take a bow, Shreya Biswas! Greystroke‘s art and craft session was riotous – with children and adults making colourful woolly Gandhi glasses in every shape and size! As for Team Funky Rainbow, you can see that we got into the Gandhi groove right from the word go!

We had a surprise guest at the event: illustrator Soumya Menon, who stayed with us right through, even helping us pack books and load them back into the car. She said she enjoyed the programme and is definitely game to doing one with us soon. Soumya, you’re going to hear from us sooner than you think :-)

All in all, it was a bright and beautiful Bookalore event!

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