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Funky Rainbow: The Travelling Children’s Bookshop carries an exclusive selection of Indian children’s books and puts them up for sale at children’s events across Bangalore. The books are handpicked by writers, illustrators and editors for children between the ages of 1 to 16 years. Our collection is curated to represent the best of Indian children’s writing because we believe that books by Indian writers work well for children in terms of connections, discoveries and experiences. 

Recently, we put on our thinking caps and came up with the idea that we should ask Editoramma to recommend Indian children’s books we love – books that we believe children, adults and everyone else in between should read!

A little bit about Editoramma: She is a children’s writer and editor, who has created many children’s magazines, including Chatterbox, Quest, Junior Quest, Hoot and Toot. When she is not busy editing, she reads anything she can lay her hands on. “Reading is like biting into an eclair,” she says. “It shows you there is a whole world of chocolate out there waiting to be eaten!”

Thank you, Editoramma, for agreeing to do the honours.

So here we are with the first set of recommendations from Editoramma:

It was World Peace Day on 21 September. What does peace mean to children in a complex country like ours, where divisions are created on the lines of caste, class, religion, and gender almost every day? Newspapers and news channels are rife with disturbing stories of riots, insurgency, gender violence and more.

Fortunately, books can help make sense of the world around us, break down barriers and change lives. Here are two wonderful books that attempt to get children to recognise, live with and enjoy that fundamental principle of life in India: diversity. Simple stories and pieces of non-fiction help children deal with issues and concerns they face in the real world, reiterating the concept that diversity must be celebrated, not feared or crushed.

Recommended for 8+ year-olds. A collection of stories edited by Gita Hariharan and Shama Futehally and illustrated by Ranjan De • Price: Rs. 85  • Publisher: Tulika Publishers

Recommended for 10+ year-olds. An anthology of fiction and non-fiction by writers in English and other Indian languages and illustrated by Bindia Thapar • Price: Rs. 95 • Publisher: Tulika Publishers

Happy Reading folks!!

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