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Funky Rainbow ~ The Travelling Children’s Bookshop carries an exclusive selection of Indian children’s books and puts them up for sale at children’s events across Bangalore (and online for the rest of India). The books, meant for children between the ages of 1 to 18 years, are hand-picked by writers, illustrators and editors. Our collection is curated to represent the best of Indian children’s writing because we believe that books by Indian writers work well for children in terms of connections, discoveries and experiences. Every month we compile a list of our very own FR Bestsellers. Here’s what flew out of our yellow tubs most in November 2016!

  • 1. Vikram and the Vampire
  • 2. History Mystery: Razia and the Pesky Presents
  • 3. The Natural Wonders of India
  • 3. Icky Yucky Mucky
  • 3. Eeee... Here's My Story
  • 4. 21 Growing Up Stories
  • 4. Uma, Not-so-perfect
  • 5. Gajapati Kulapati
  • 5. Princess Easy Pleasy
  • 5. Bonkers
  • 6. Little Vinayak
  • 6. Oops The Mighty Gurgle
  • 7. Taka-Dimi: My Space, My Body
  • 7. Rituchakra Series
  • 8. Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market
  • 8. Amma's Tales
  • 8. Rooster Raga
  • 9. The Gita for Children
  • 9. Let's Go Time Travelling
  • 10. Amir Khusrau: The Man in Riddles
  • 10. The Alphabet of Animals and Birds
Author: Natasha Sharma • Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan • Publisher: Young Zubaan
Author: Natasha Sharma • Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan • Publisher: Duckbill 
Author: Vijaylakshmi Nagaraj • Illustrator: Santosh Gautam, Vijay Kumar, Yatindra Kumar, Vijay Nipane • Publisher: TERI 
Author: Natasha Sharma • Illustrator: Anitha Balachandran • Publisher: Young Zubaan 
Author: Geeta Ramanujam, Karthika Gopalakrishnan • Illustrator: Kshitij Verma • Publisher: MsMoochie 
Author: Various • Illustrator: Neeta Gangopadhya • Publisher: AWIC 
Author: Yamini Prashanth • Illustrator: Soumya Menon • Publisher: Mango 
Author: Ashok Rajagopalan • Illustrator: Ashok Rajagopalan • Publisher: Tulika
Author: Natasha Sharma • Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan • Publisher: Karadi Tales 
Author: Natasha Sharma • Publisher: Duckbill 
Author: Shobha Viswanath • Illustrator: Shilpa Ranade • Publisher: Karadi Tales 
Author: RamG Vallath • Illustrator: Samita Chatterjee • Publisher: Duckbill 
Author: Roopa Pai • Illustrator: Archana Srinivasan • Publisher: Fitkids 
Author: Mala Kumar, Manisha Chaudhry • Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan • Publisher: Pratham 
Author: Chithra Soundar • Illustrator: Kanika Nair • Publisher: Karadi Tales 
Author: Hema Vaidyanathan • Illustrator: Various • Publisher: Dhika Media 
Author: Natasha Sharma • Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan • Publisher: Tulika 
Author: Roopa Pai • Illustrator: Sayan Mukherjee • Publisher: Hachette 
Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta • Illustrator: Tapas Guha • Publisher: Penguin 
Author: Ankit Chada • Illustrator: Urmimala Nag • Publisher: Penguin 
Author: Prabha Mallya • Illustrator: Prabha Mallya • Publisher: Red Turtle 

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