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If you can see it, you can draw it!

his older brother said to him many years ago. It is a learning that Greystroke – who says he has been drawing ever since he can remember – holds dear even today. His art lesson to every child who says she or he cannot draw:

Your eyes will see when you use your imagination!

Greystroke is a writer, illustrator, cartoonist and art director. He has created content and art for several children’s magazines and books for over twenty years now. When he isn’t doing all this, he takes photographs and makes films. And here’s a secret that we are allowed to share – he is a die-hard potato lover! Whether this has influenced his creativity is anyone’s guess, but hey, we aren’t telling you not to try!

Starting this week, Greystroke will share his ideas on children’s writing, illustration and film in his exclusive column for Funky Rainbow, GREY MATTERS.

He begins with “Draw Bapu in 8 Steps“, to mark the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

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