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Ant-E and Buzz-E have been waiting impatiently for this book ever since a little birdie told them it is in the making! You see, they are privy to inside info when it comes to books because they’re always in and around bookshops and book readings and book dos. So off they went to pick up copies as soon as they heard that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi by Aditi De was hot off the press. But lo and behold, all they could get their hands on were four copies!

Hell hath no fury like a reading ant and booksy bee scorned! A flurry of mails (of the biting and stinging sort!) to distributors and marketing folks corrected matters in a jiffy and several bright and white copies made their way into our yellow tubs.

Written by Aditi De and illustrated by Pooja Pottenkulam, this book is part of Scholastic’s Great Lives series, which paints a beautiful canvas of the lives of those who have inspired and motivated us. The series is unique because it is presented through a mix of both comics and text. Great Lives: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi gives us little-known nuggets of information about the life of a man who is quoted by world leaders to this day and who inspires us Indians to be the change we wish to see.

Thanks to our super-sleuthing ant and bee, here’s some book buzz we’d like to share…

Top secret 1: Author Aditi De refused to write this book when it was first offered to her. We can only imagine her trepidation at the prospect of writing about a towering personality like the Father of the Nation. What’s more, writing stuff that we don’t already know about a much-written-about man.

Top secret 2: Thank goodness, Aditi’s editor did not take no for an answer! The book is a rollercoaster ride through the life and times of one the most daring, driven and radical Indians ever.

Top secret 3: And oh, it seems it was worth the wait to get the books at our travelling bookshop because we get to share the news bang on Aditi’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Aditi De, here’s to many more!

Recommended for 8+ year-olds • A part of Scholastic’s Great Lives Series, presented through a unique mix of both comics and text • Written by Aditi De and Illustrated by Pooja Pottenkulam • Price: Rs. 250 • Publisher: Scholastic India



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