Funky Rainbow


Want to help Razia Sultan find out who is sending her girly presents and challenging her right to rule over Delhi? Intrigued by how a vampire piggybacking on a king’s back spins the most amazing stories and riddles? How about meeting up with Squiggle, who is on an adventure through the pages of a notebook to find out what kind of punctuation mark she is? Or saying hello to Bonkers, a crazy doggie who chews up spectacles, shoes and everything else in between? Want to tune in to Ruru rooster’s riveting ragas? Or help King Icky of Ickhtarpur find the bride of his dreams?

Well, you can do all this and more if you dive into books written by the prolific Natasha Sharma. In her own words, Natasha writes stories (as picture books, chapter books and books for middle readers) for children of all kind – “wiggly wormers, snotty snifflers, frowny facers, glum grumblers, cheerful cherubs, nerdy numbers, hysterical historians, fact finders, fiction fiends … any kind.”

Catch her in action for the first time in Bangalore at Bookalore’s ROYAL TOURS AND DESI DETOURS event at Rajendra Sinhji Institute, MG Road, tomorrow (event details below)! She’s here to introduce you to her most exciting character yet – Princess Easy Pleasy, who is all but easy to please, especially when she goes on her royal vacations.

What’s more, Funky Rainbow has every single book of Natasha’s and here’s a never-before chance to have your favourite one autographed by the author!


A fun-filled morning of stories, activities and travels galore that take you around India and the world! Date: 5 November 2016 Time: 11am to 12.30pm Venue: Rajendra Sinhji Institute, MG Road (Address: No 50, MG Road; Entry ONLY from Gate No 4, opposite Mayo Hall; Parking available at the venue)

YUCK OR YUM! (Age-group: 4-7 year-olds)

Join author NATASHA SHARMA on a rollicking adventure with a picky princess! Watch her throw a royal tantrum and help her pack a plane as you listen to her delightful story Princess Easy Pleasy. Then do a cool craft that could end up on your head!

WANDER AND WONDER! (Age-group: 8+ year-olds)

Author-storyteller VIJAYLAKSHMI NAGARAJ takes you all the way to Kashmir with her heart-warming story of a young boy who meets his real hero and then gives you a tour of the amazing natural wonders of India with a fun mapping activity. 

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