Funky Rainbow


On this day in 1633, the Church forced one of our greatest polymaths, Galileo Galilei, to take back his theory that the Sun and not the Earth is the centre of the universe.

On this very day in 1986, in the course of a historic FIFA World Cup match between Argentina and England, genius footballer Diego Maradona handled the ball and scored a goal, later saying it wasn’t his hand but the “Hand of God” that made the infamous goal possible.

God evidently then is at the centre of the universe for those who choose to believe it.

Anyway, coming back to the universe we love and live in, we’d say thank god for children’s books! And since we’re in the throes of high football fever, we have a sporty array of books on display today.

A spirited young girl likes football as much as she like books and follows her heart and her stories (‘Nabiya’ by Chatura Rao, published by Tulika).


Kartik lives, breathes and dreams football, but the football coach in his new school refuses to let him play in the team (‘Against All Odds’ by Ramendra Kumar, published by Duckbill).


Obsessed with football, Amar comes up with a plan of a school World Cup where each class will play as a different country (‘Goal, Butterfingers!’ by Khyrunnisa A., published by Penguin India).


Nothing can come between besties Oli and Champa. They play football together in a mixed team of boys and girls, but when it comes to playing in a professional tournament, the girls are not allowed. Both Champa and Oli decide to act – but in different ways (‘Half the Field is Mine’ by Swati Sengupta, published by Scholastic India).


Robbie is in a coma after a terrible accident involving his dog, Lucky. Everyone comes to visit him, including the famous Chelsea footballer Zola. Can they bring him back from the brink of death? (‘Cool’ by Michael Morpurgo, published by HarperCollins)


This weekend, you could choose to read these splendid books at half-time – or better still, you could read them full time! God knows there can be no better goal scored :-)

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