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One of the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful natural wonders, The Great Barrier Reef, was discovered on this day in 1770 by English explorer and naval officer, Captain James Cook. Captain Cook actually ended up discovering the reef the hard way, literally speaking, that is. He ran his ship aground on it! Cook’s ship, The Endeavor, was stuck on the reef for an entire day. The crew finally managed to free the ship by throwing overboard approximately 50 tons of cargo! The badly damaged ship was quickly repaired so that Cook could continue his search for the fabled “southern continent”, which he never found.

Now, how about a undertaking a finding-out trip yourself? In keeping with today’s theme, the book that we believe will set you sailing on a voyage of discovery is called ‘Dive!’ (published by Pratham Books). Written and illustrated by the immensely talented Rajiv Eipe, this gorgeous picture book plunges you underwater into the deep blue sea and into the spectacular world of coral reefs, where you’ll find yourself swimming right alongside some exotic sea creatures like the yellowback fusilier, the trumpetfish, the whitetip reef shark and the manta ray among others. Two divers take you on this unforgettable deep sea adventure and we are fairly certain one of them closely resembles author-illustrator Eipe’s real-life wife. When we quizzed him about it, he refused to comment and simply smiled enigmatically, leaving us all at sea! Hmm… the depths of this mystery definitely have to be plumbed further :-)

As for the mysteries and beauties of the underwater world, experience them by picking up a copy of this one-of-a-kind book and dive right in!

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