Funky Rainbow


The well-known naturalist Sir David Attenborough receives hundreds of letters a week from fans of his wonderful wildlife programmes, but he particularly loves those he gets from kids.

“There is not a child born who is not fascinated by the natural world,” he said in an interview with the Sunday Herald Sun. “I get about five or six a day of these and after a week that adds up, 30 or 40 letters a week — and they are just from kids. The standard question they ask is ‘what is your favourite animal? Mine is a bunny and his name is Jimmy,’ they write, you know that kind of thing. But then in among them are some very hard questions that make me think and I have to go and check if my answers are right, you know questions like ‘why do we need to go to sleep?’, ‘Do fish sleep?’ — which they do, by the way.”

Well, here’s a particularly relevant question from Sir David that we want you to think about, especially since it is World Wildlife Week

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