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Dear Friend of Funky Rainbow,

Hope you are home and safe. As an avid reader, you know that books and bookstores, especially tiny independent ones like ours, are crucial in times like this. Books make us empathetic, books make us kinder, books prevent us from feeling too overwhelmed, and books build bonds. More so, in these times of physical and social distance.

If you and your children have picked up books at our pop-up sales, browsed happily through our curated collection, and have enjoyed our chatty recommendations, please consider supporting us by buying a prepaid Funky Rainbow Book Voucher. The vouchers (details in the link below) are valid all the way up to 31 March 2021 and can be redeemed at our office or at any of our pop-up sales across the city and country until then.

Our doors are locked today, but we hope that does not stop you from unlocking your support for a big little bookshop that has been bringing books and children together in exciting ways. Your support will ensure that a (funky) rainbow awaits all of us at the end of these tough times 🙂

Stay safe, stay supportive!

With gratitude and love,
Team Funky Rainbow

(Vidya ManiShyam Madhavan Sarada , Muthamma B.Devaya )

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