‘Why didn’t you wear your cap? Look how dark you’ve become!’

‘Where is the need for all this running, that too in shorts…’

‘When will she get serious?’

If you’re a girl who loves to run, having a grandmother obsessed about where you are on the skin-tone metre can be tough. There is no way you can avoid hearing about the ill effects of sports and all that ‘running around in the sun’. Add to that an annoying elder brother, a father who is growing more distant by the day, and a best friend in a romance that she’s keeping secret from you, and it all makes growing up suddenly seem pretty difficult! Then when you decide you just have to win that Sports Federation scholarship, are you also expected to worry about your tan?

No. 9 On The Shade Card is a spunky coming-of-age story about school, friends and life on the sports field.

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