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Welcome to the world of OLUGUTI TOLUGUTI – a world of elephants, buffaloes, crows, cockroaches and hatttima tim tims. Listen to the birds call kau kau and kukre kuk. Meet Tuaan-Tueen and Rolenga and Suraiyya. Play in the rain falling chham chham chham, and dance thai thaka thaka. with a crane standing on one leg. Meet Ammas and Abbus and Sister Moon. It is a chemma chekka world of dam padam pappadams and kahbdak khabdak rocking horses and lots more – with extra zing and colour from Kshitiz Sharma’s energetic, endearing illustrations.

The 54 rhymes in 18 Indian languages are sometimes a fragment, sometimes the whole, and only one version of the many that exist. But together they celebrate the richness and vitality of India’s multilingual character. Lively recitable adaptations in English echo the sounds and rhythms of the original languages, which also appear alongside. For those who want to know how to read, there are transliterations in Roman script (of English) and Devanagari (of Hindi) and a guide to pronunciation at the end.

OLUGUTI TOLUGUTI opens up a new repertoire of rhymes for children, and engages them in a wider understanding of being and belonging. Read and recite. Pass them on.

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