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Chanakya is witty. Chanakya is cheeky. He always has a trick up his sleeve and a solution to the stickiest of problems. Go on, join him and the gang on the first of their many adventures!

This pack includes 2 books: Chatur Chanakya And The Himalayan Problem and Chatur Chanakya Vs The World Wide Web

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Chatur Chanakya And The Himalayan Problem

Here’s the smartest of them all!
Summer vacations are over. As a new academic year begins at Vani Vidyalaya, Arjun’s search for a close friend and bench partner goes on, Lakshmi hopes to display her leadership skills, and all the teachers and students seem to be getting fed up of Himalaya’s bullying and hurtful pranks.

In walks Chanakya, pale and thin, a choti shooting out of his big head, and soon it’s clear that Vani Vidyalaya will never be the same again.

Chatur Chanakya Vs The World Wide Web

The Super Six of Ganesh Colony are back, with new faces and new challenges. Lakshmi is all set to represent Vani Vidyalaya at an inter-school maths tournament, Chanakya is busy learning about the World Wide Web and Arjun . . . well, he’s up to his usual shenanigans.

But Lakshmi seems to be harbouring a terrible secret-she’s being bullied online! As she receives one nasty message after another, she fears being disqualified from the tournament. Can Chanakya and Arjun combine the intelligence of the past and the future to catch the culprit?

Get ready to join the gang on an exciting adventure-cum-whodunnit! Get ready for Chatur Chanakya.

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