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The Cricket Pang Values Series, Set One, is a set of picture books with charming stories based on lovable animal characters. The overall theme of the books is cricket, which besides being a very popular sport for children, also lends a unique flavor to this series. Children will love the main character, Pang, and his bunch of friends. Each book highlight important values through engaging stories and endearing characters. With their simple vocabulary and sentence structure, these books are perfect for early readers. This set includes:

The Alarm Clock House: Pang and his friends find a giant alarm clock house in the woods. Will they be able to stop the alarm? An exciting story about helping friends and working together!

The Special Snack Box: Cash has snacks leftover from the party. He hides them in a special snack box in the woods so his friends can’t eat them. What will happen to the special snack box? A delightful story about sharing and being generous.

Ricky’s Pretend Sick Day: Ricky pretends to be sick so he can skip cricket practice. But then his friends begin to worry. Will Ricky’s friends find out the truth? A beautiful story about caring for and valuing friends!

Oops! We Broke the Window: Pang and his friends break the window of a strange house in the woods while playing cricket. Will they own up to their mistake? An engaging story about being responsible and making amends!

The Secret of the Doughnut Tree: Pang forgets about Cash’s birthday party. Everyone has a present ready for Cash except for PANG! What will Pang do now? An enchanting story about being honest and keeping one’s word!

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