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Becoming an emperor is not easy, especially when there are enemies everywhere and no one you can trust.

India, third century BCE. A land ruled by powerful dynasties, each fighting for supremacy over the other, unaware that a conqueror from Greece has arrived at the country’s doorstep in a bid to establish his dominion over the entire known world. In the east, the Magadhan empire is ruled by the Nandas, a clan driven by a limitless hunger for power and given to violence and abuse. From the embers of their lust and avarice a boy is born – a boy named Moriya, raised by a tribe of peacock-tamers and oblivious of the legacy that is rightfully his…until the day he is sought out by Chanakya, a wily political strategist looking for vengeance against the ruthless rulers of Magadha. Under the training and tutelage of his shrewd adviser, the tentative young man, now christened Chandragupta, makes his way across the vast plains of Bharatvarsha to meet the famed invader Alexander and build an army of his own. But being a warrior prince, he finds, comes at a heavy price – of trust and loyalty and perhaps even his life…

This is the story of a youth who must battle supreme odds – both within and without – to fulfil his destiny as one of the greatest emperors the world has ever known. This is the story of Chandragupta Maurya.

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