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  1. Let’s Go Time Travelling

A unique reference book for students, teachers and just about anyone interested in history. A fun history book that makes for an interesting read. Includes funny, freaky information about our ancient civilizations and culture, and loads of additional information and fascinating trivia. Featuring wacky and stunning illustrations by noted artist Tapas Guha. Did they design jewellery in Harappa? Was King Ashoka fond of chewing paan? Who played pachisi, chaupar and lam turki? Mulligatawny was a soup, but what was pish pash? Find the answers to all these weird, impossible questions in this fascinating, quirky book about how people lived in the past. Go time travelling through the alleys of history and take a tour through the various ages, from Harappa to the Maurayan, Mughal to the British. Through short snapshots and wacky trivia, this book gives you a glimpse into the vibrant culture of India, as you learn about the life and times of kings, queens, viceroys and even ordinary children!

Spend a day with Urpi as she tries selling pottery in exchange for a few beads at Mohen-jo-daro, step back into King Ashoka’s kingdom where Madhura prepares to be a warrior, watch Adil harbour hopes of becoming a khansama in British India.

From food fads to fashion, art and craft to entertainment, this book gives funny, freaky information that no textbook ever will. Peppered with Tapas Guha’s crazy cartoons, Life in India makes history fun like never before.

2. Let’s Go Time Travelling Again

A much-awaited follow-up to the bestselling Let’s Go Time Travelling

How did Indian mulmuls make it into Cleopatra’s wardrobe? Who popularized the Mahabharata in households across the country? Did our ancestors really identify Jupiter and Saturn without even a telescope?

Find the answers to these and many other unusual questions about the India of yesterday. Go time travelling through the alleys of history and explore the many occupations that have existed through time-from dancers and playwrights to farmers and doctors. Sift through snapshots of the rich life led by ordinary Indians and discover unexpected titbits about language, food and culture.

Told through portraits of children growing up in the villages, towns and courts of our country, this sequel to the award-winning Let’s Go Time Travelling is a vivid glimpse into our past.

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